joe hootmanWelcome! Glad you’re here. My name is Joe Hootman, and I’m a voracious, perpetual student working to deepen my skills in databases (e.g., SQL Server, Redshift), machine learning, Python, statistics, and data science, along with a purely experimental interest in graph databases. I want to share what I’m learning along the way in the hope that a blog post or two helps you grow as well.

I’ve learned from doing twenty years of software development, technology leadership, studying in the Masters’ program for Software Engineering (ABT) at Texas Tech, and designing data solutions for my previous employers. Most recently, I’m a quality engineer on the data warehouse team at RetailMeNot, seeking to deliver quality datamarts for our internal customers. I also have an eclectic, broad set of prior experiences like hosting shows on a local public radio station, studying theology, writing a curriculum on agricultural economics for family farmers, coaching high school debate, and serving as a campus minister.

I get amped up from the interesting people I get to talk with at local user groups, Austin Data Geeks, Texas SQL Saturdays, and Data Day Texas. If we meet up there, let me know how I could help you with a project you’re passionate about.

Beyond my public vocations in the dataverse, I find joy in Christ when I get to hang out with my family, read, and grow outward from our local congregation.

I’d enjoy connecting with you, which you can do by joining the blog mailing list (click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the page), visiting me on LinkedIn, or following me on Twitter (@hoottech).